Study at MPU

Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Life and Pharmaceutical Sciences (Masterʼs/Doctoral Degree programs)

The aim of the Graduate School is to train students to be global leaders who support the development of science and technology in society by using research skills based on an in-depth knowledge of the life sciences and drug-discovery chemistry. To achieve this aim, students acquire basic practical knowledge of drug-discovery chemistry and broad knowledge in fields other than their major research areas.
To play an active role internationally, students must have sound academic knowledge, good command of a foreign language, critical thinking abilities, and presentation skills. These are obtained by reading selected international academic papers in a seminar unit.

Pharmacy and Health Sciences (4-year Doctoral program)

The Pharmacy and Health Science Major consists of two research fields: Clinical Pharmacy and Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences. These fields include the vast range of challenges pharmacists encounter in their practice and research. This major trains "Pharmacists-scientists" who can focus on solving such challenges as a primary research objective. Using an integrated approach in pharmaceutical sciences that emphasizes collaboration with other research fields, the study area covers fields such as medical/clinical pharmacy, hygienic chemistry, and pharmacoepidemiology.