@ In April, 2005, with a global outlook, Meiji Pharmaceutical University established "Asia/Africa Center for Drug Discovery", for the purpose of educating and training internationally active researchers and pharmacists of drug discovery.

@ In the same year, the independent administrative institution, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science,(JSPS) has initiated the "Asia and Africa Science Platform Program" which is a new project designed to establish core research institutions concerned with relevant fields within Asian and African countries, in addition, to foster young researchers, by building sustainable relations with core institutions from Asia and Africa. Applications for the new project have been announced to the public.

@ In March, 2006, our applied research topic was adopted for the new project of JSPS and Meiji Pharmaceutical University was selected as one of the core institutions.
Taking this opportunity, the center has started its full scale activities.

A symbol of Asia/Africa Center for Drug Discovery
Meiji Pharmaceutical University