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Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Department of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (6-year program)

The educational goal of the Department of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is to educate high-quality pharmacists who can meet the needs of society for the safe use of pharmaceutical products and for the advancements of medical technology.
Fifth-grade students are required to complete practical training consisting of eleven week-rotations in a hospital pharmacy and a community pharmacy, which is necessary to qualify for national exam candidacy. In addition, our university offers a unique training program comprised of seven courses, which aims to cultivate advanced professional skills, to define the student′s career-path, and to use these skills in the profession of pharmacy.

Curriculum Outline

1st−2nd year:Students acquire a basic understanding of foundations of human disease and medicine

3rd year:Students acquire a deep understanding of foundations of human disease and medicine

4th year:Students participate in pre-clinical pharmacy practices and take a pharmaceutical common achievement tests (CBT/OSCE)

5th year:Students develop professional skills in a unique practice-based program

6th year:Practice-based integrated education of science and healthcare

Department of Life and Pharmaceutical Sciences (4-year program)

The educational goals of the Department of Life and Pharmaceutical Sciences are to educate students who have a solid foundation of academic skills and research capabilities in the fields of life sciences and medicinal chemistry, and to cultivate the ability to define problems and to find those solutions. In order to develop advanced knowledge of pharmaceutical sciences and medicinal chemistry, students are provided the curriculum to collaborate with graduate program which educates pharmaceutical scientists in the field of life science and drug discovery. The department also strengthens comprehensive communication skills by using active learning in small groups, additionally cultivates critical and logical thinking abilities through various research experiences.

Curriculum Outline

1st−2nd year:Students learn foundations of life sciences and medicinal chemistry

3rd year:Students get the four-month research rotation experiences in laboratories of life sciences and medicinal chemistry

4th year:Students select a thesis laboratory and involve in more advanced research activities

Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Life and Pharmaceutical Sciences (Master's Degree / Doctoral Degree program)

The aim of Graduate school is to train students to be global leaders who widely support the development of science and technology in our society, by making use of distinguished research skills based on the in-depth knowledge of life science and drug-discovery chemistry. To achieve the aim, students acquire a basic and practical knowledge of drug-discovery chemistry, and a broad range of knowledge in fields other than their own major research areas.
To play an active role internationally, students enhance academic knowledge, good command of foreign language, critical thinking abilities and presentation skills, through reading selected international academic papers, which conducts in a seminar unit.

Pharmacy and Health Sciences (4-year Doctoral Degree program)

The Pharmacy and Health Science Major consists of two research fields; Clinical Pharmacy and Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences. The research fields include a vast range of challenges pharmacists encounter throughout their practices and researches. The purpose of this Major is to train ″Pharmacists-scientists″ who can focus on solving these challenges for a primary research objective. From the aspect of integrated approach in pharmaceutical sciences which emphasize collaborations with other research fields, the study area covers a variety of fields such as medical/clinical pharmacy, hygienic chemistry, pharmacoepidemiology and etc.