In September 2015, Meiji Pharmaceutical University has established a core research facility named DRC, supported by a 5-year grant entitled "the Program for the Strategic Research Foundation at Private Universities" offered by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Japan.

The main aim of DRC is to promote the drug development research that overcomes dementing disorders, such as Alzheimer's disease, by extracting drug seeds from highly valuable marine, plant, and bacterial resources. DRC is endowed with advanced equipment for accomplishment of next generation sequencing and biomarker identification. The research team is composed of five distinguished scientists in the field of drug development research following:

Investigators Field Title of the Research
Prof. Jun-ichi Satoh Bioinformatics Identification of Novel Drug Targets for Alzheimerfs Disease by Using Genome Information and Systems Biology Approach
Prof. Naoki Saito Pharmaceutical Chemistry Development of Anti-Dementia Drug Seeds from Marine Natural Products
Prof. Hiroshi Kogen Pharmaceutical Molecular Design Molecular Design of Novel Chemicals Based on Target Protein Structures of Alzheimerfs Disease
Prof. Takashi Sugita Microbiology Development of Anti-Dementia Drug Seeds from Extreme and Gene-Engineered Microorganisms
Prof. Kiyotaka Koyama (PI) Pharmacognosy
Development of Anti-Dementia Drug Seeds from Scarce Plant Natural Products

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